800 Years of Town History and Culture

The newly conceived permanent exhibition explores the eventful history of Rapperswil-Jona in an area of around 900 m2. It offers informative and entertaining insights into the lives of the local citizenry from the Middle Ages up to the present. The modern exhibition design by the Zurich-based raumprodukt studio combines with the historic interiors and the new building to make every museum visit a unique and rewarding aesthetic experience.

Historical objects and diverse themes

In the entry foyer, visitors are greeted by a large true-to-life model showing the town as it existed around 1800. Comparisons to today are provided by an expansive contemporary map of the city covering almost the entire floor. A large “magnifying glass” on wheels offers a playful way to explore the map in more detail and trace the transformations over the past 200 years.

Displays of precious valuables along with regular everyday objects bring past epochs to life. The art of goldsmithing, industrial products and historic interiors, war stories, craftsmanship, tourism and Circus Knie – the exhibition showcases a great diversity of objects and themes. Video and audio stations entertain young and old alike and create connections to the present, while various interactive elements encourage visitor participation. And the numerous windows throughout the complex afford magnificent views of the old town and Lake Zurich.